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Experience the Power of Otter, the #1 Text and Waiver Platform in Firearms. Otter Technologies presents a comprehensive software suite, websites, apps, and plugins to enhance customer engagement and streamline compliance. Discover how our innovative tools can transform your business operations, making customer attraction and retention effortless and efficient.

Software Solutions


Revolutionize your communication with OtterText, the leading text messaging and waiver platform. Attract customers with Reviews, Rewards, and Coupons, and convert them through webchat and digital waivers. OtterText is not just a software; it’s a growth catalyst for your business. Learn More


Experience the seamless eSign process with Otter Waiver. Offering a rapid, easy-to-use digital waiver signing experience, Otter Waiver is the preferred choice in the firearms industry. Features include a 60-point audit trail and comprehensive digital waiver management. Learn More

Enterprise Solutions:

Tailored for franchise management, Otter Technologies’ Enterprise Solutions reduce chargebacks and mitigate risk. With features like Transactional Evidence, Multi-language Support, eSignature Compliance, and a Custom Document Builder, our software ensures your business is both protected and efficient.



Otter Sign Kiosk:

Otter Sign Kiosk simplifies document signing across various industries. Ideal for businesses like salons, gyms, and ranges, this app integrates seamlessly with Otter Waiver, providing a streamlined check-in and signature collection process.

Availability: Available on Google Play and App Store


Inbox by OtterText™:

Inbox by OtterText™ redefines business communication for local businesses. Manage all your messages, calls, and reviews in one intuitive platform. This app is quickly becoming the go-to choice for savvy businesses.”

Availability: Available on Google Play and App Store

WordPress Plugins by Otter Technologies

Otter Technologies extends its innovative solutions to WordPress with plugins designed to enhance your website’s functionality and user engagement. These plugins integrate seamlessly with our OtterText and OtterWaiver services, providing a more dynamic and interactive experience for your website visitors.


OtterWaiver Web Tab:

The OtterWaiver Web Tab plugin allows easy integration of Otter Waiver into your website. It adds a convenient pop-over feature that displays the waiver directly on your site, enhancing user experience and compliance. Download it at Otter Waiver Waiver Embed.


Otter Text – Chat Widget & Age Gate:

Enhance your website’s interactivity with the Otter Text Chat Widget. This plugin embeds the chat widget on every page, facilitating real-time communication with visitors. Data from the chat is seamlessly integrated with the OtterText.com platform. Please note that usage is subject to Otter Text’s Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyDownload


Stop Gap Website:

Otter Technologies’ Stop Gap Website is the perfect interim solution for quickly launching a 10DLC compliant website. This template, showcased in our current site, bridges the gap until a full-fledged website is developed with our partners like Blain Webdesign or Why Elevate (whyelevate.com). Exclusive to OtterText clients, it offers a fast, compliant, and professional web presence.

Each plugin and solution is crafted to enhance your online presence, ensuring a seamless and compliant digital experience for both you and your customers. Otter Technologies is dedicated to providing tools that not only meet but exceed the demands of today’s digital landscape.

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